The Teachers’ Code for Ethical International Recruitment and Employment Practices

The Alliance convened a Task Force including recruiters, employers, and unions to develop a Teachers’ Code of Ethical International Recruitment and Employment Practices to ensure fair treatment of migrant teachers and to ensure that students have well-qualified educators in their classrooms. The Code is immigration neutral, but works to ensure that any recruitment that does happen is conducted in a fair and ethical manner. Show your support for ethical recruitment o teachers by endorsing the Code and sharing it on social media.

The Alliance launched the Teachers’ Code at the National Press Club on Thursday, June 4, 2015. Click here to view a video of the launch event.

Question about The Teachers’ Code? Contact Mukul Bakhshi, Director of CGFNS Alliance.

How was the Code developed?

In 2009, The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) published a landmark study, “Importing Educators: Causes and Consequences of International Teacher Recruitment,” that revealed a pattern of problems for migrant teachers. Extreme cases involved extortion, abuse, and fraud. Many other teachers dealt with bureaucratic problems, visa or job uncertainty, and culture shock—all of which can be mitigated by better planning, transparency, and support.

With funding from the MacArthur Foundation, a Task Force on the Ethical International Recruitment and Employment of Teachers was established. Members of the Task Force included teacher unions, recruiters, international teachers, and employers. A series of Task Force meetings—where stakeholders discussed their pain points and needs—led to the development of The Teachers’ Code of Ethical International Recruitment and Employment Practices.