Apply For Certification

Application Process

Please note that the Certification Process is not available for the Teachers’ Code at this time.

Step 1:  Submit the online application
  • This is a short application that notifies Alliance staff that your organization is interested in becoming certified.
Step 2:  Submit the Compliance Report

Please use the template provided to submit your Compliance report. Provide as much information as you feel necessary to demonstrate Code compliance.

Required information includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Benchmarking data: The Alliance requires applicants to provide the number of health professionals in your recruitment pipeline. This information provides a frame of reference for evaluating your full participation in the Alliance Survey Monitoring Program.
  • Implementation plan: The Alliance requires a roadmap that details how your organization will implement business practices contained in the Code.
  • References: The Alliance requires a minimum of two references, preferably recent institutional clients.

We encourage applicants to contact Alliance Staff with questions.

Step 3:  Schedule an interview
  • After your organization has submitted the completed Compliance report the Alliance will review your submission and schedule an interview.
  • All interview questions are provided to your organization in advance and your responses are completely confidential. The Alliance never reveals any proprietary information disclosed during the application process.
  • The interview serves two purposes:
    ◦   To provide an opportunity for the Alliance to clarify, if necessary, how your organization integrates Code
    provisions operationally; and
    ◦   To introduce your organization to the basic process and functionality of the Alliance monitoring process.
Step 4:  Demonstrate compliance with the Alliance Survey Monitoring Program

Compliance is demonstrated by ensuring that 100% of health professionals in the recruitment pipeline are registered for the survey. Before certification is granted you are required to:

  • Send a standardized email, provided by and copied to the Alliance, notifying all health professionals in your recruitment pipeline that you have applied for Alliance certification.
  • The Alliance utilizes this email to register health professionals for the survey and to document your full participation in the Monitoring Program.
Step 5:  Submit Certified Ethical Recruiter (CER) Agreement

After completing the interview, your organization is required to submit a signed and notarized CER agreement. The CER agreement outlines:

  • The Alliance Survey Monitoring Program;
  • The required steps to remain certified; and
  • Information on Alliance mediation and remediation processes.
Step 6:  Certification

Following the completion of Steps 1 through 5, your organization is certified as an ethical recruiter by the Alliance. This entails your company name listed on the Alliance website and access to the Alliance Seal for use on promotional materials.


If an applicant is not accepted as a CER after completing the application process, the organization may reapply after a six-month waiting period.

Certification Fees

The Alliance Board developed a fee schedule based on 1) number of hospital beds in the case of employers and 2) revenue in the case of recruitment and staffing companies. CERs are required to submit certification fees on an annual basis

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