Download the Seal

As a Certified Ethical Recruiter (CER), your organization can now utilize the Seal within the parameters outlined in the Seal Use Guidelines. CER’s are encouraged to prominently display the Seal on their Web site and other materials.

The purpose of the Alliance’s Certification Seal (Seal) is to distinguish recruitment organizations and employers that demonstrate the principles and standards of the Voluntary Code of Ethical Conduct for the Recruitment of Foreign-Educated Health Professionals to the United States (Code). Because CER’s recruitment practices are actively monitored, the Seal increases subscribers’ credibility with both employers and health professionals.

The Alliance Seal may only be used by current Certified Ethical Recruiters of the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices. Please report any unauthorized use of the Seal to

For the Web

Copy and paste the following code for using the Seal on your Web site.


Multi-purpose Use

The Alliance Seal and Logo are both available in the following formats:

  • A JPG file can be used in both printed publications and Web pages.
  • An EPS file is most often used by designers or printers for printed publications.
  • A TIF file is best used in printed publications. Note: this file format is generally a larger size and it may take a few minutes to open.

Download Seal .zip file

Web Banners

The Alliance has created Web banners (such as the one below) that can be used by your organization to link to our Web site. To post a banner on your Web site, simply insert the html code on your site. Click on the desired size to copy the html code.