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The mission of the Alliance is to promote an underlying foundation of voluntary Codes of Ethical Conduct for the recruitment practices of foreign-educated professionals to the United States. As a result, we want to collect as much information as possible about the practices contained in the Code. We will use this information to identify trends, develop fact-finding missions, and conduct further research. For reports involving Certified Subscribers, the Alliance will follow its normal compliance policies. If a report involves a non-subscribing organization, they will be notified that a report has been submitted and invited to subscribe to the Code.

Please use the form below to submit comments on recruitment practices you have observed. These comments do not need to be related to a current Certified Ethical Recruiter. Please provide as many details as possible, including names and dates. Your information will remain confidential. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Please describe in 500 words or less the recruitment practices observed or experienced, giving the most important details and facts. If you have filed a lawsuit, submitted a complaint with a government agency, or contacted another organization for assistance/advice, please provide the detail of your effort below.

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