Monitoring Program Overview

As part of the certification process, applying organizations must fully participate in the Alliance Survey Monitoring Program. Survey Monitoring occurs in two-folds:

The Alliance Survey Monitoring Program

Part I: CER completes within two-week timeframe:

Alliance sends an email template for the CER to send to all professionals in their files.

CER sends standardized email to clients in recruitment pipeline:

  • Informing them of certification
  • Link to Alliance
  • Notifying individual of eligibility to participate in monitoring surveys
Part II: Alliance contacts professionals via anonymous survey for Part II survey distribution

Resolving Reports of Non-Compliance

Certified Companies

If a CER is found non-compliant to the Alliance Code, then the following steps will take place to ascertain the claim:

  1. Assessment of validity of claim
  2. Direct contact with parties held responsible in claim
  3. Process of mediation and/or remediation to address compliance issues that arise.
  4. If agency fails to maintain compliance with the Code, they may be de-listed.

The Alliance only investigates and addresses reports of non-compliance related to the Code. Certified companies are not held accountable for areas of recruitment process they did not directly facilitate.

Non-Certified Companies

For reports concerning organizations that are not certified, the Alliance has no mandatory obligation to become involved. That said, we may choose to serve as a resource for the claim filed. Request for information will invite the Alliance to educate the agency about the voluntary Codes.

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