Educational Module Series

The Alliance has developed a series of online educational modules to provide foreign-educated professionals with resources and information to understand their rights and responsibilities during the international recruitment process to the United States. All videos can be viewed on the Alliance’s YouTube channel or you may choose from the list below.

Collection 1: Getting to Know the Alliance

This first collection of video modules helps orient you to the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices. We discuss the issues in which we engage with our multi-stakeholder approach to solutions.

Collection 2: Signing a Fair Contract

This second collection of video modules helps you define a contract at its most basic level. The modules also provide a checklist of questions FEHPs should discuss with their recruiter/employer, provide tips on how to sign a fair contract, and discuss FEHPs’ rights and responsibilities if a contract cannot be honored .

Quick Clips

Don’t have time to watch the full module? We have provided the following ‘quick clips’ that highlight key concepts and information for each collection.

Collection 1: Getting to Know the Alliance

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