List of Endorsers

The following list includes organizations and individuals that endorsed and declared their support for the Teachers’ Code.

Organizational Endorsers

Individual Endorsers

  • Mukul Bakhshi, Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices
  • Kathy Buzad, American Federation of Teachers
  • Ingrid Cruz, East Baton Rouge Federation of Teachers
  • Lora Bartlett, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Shannon Lederer, AFL-CIO
  • Rogie Legaspi, Filipino Educators in Maryland
  • Judith Warren Little, University of California, Berkeley
  • Dan McNeil, American Federation of Teachers
  • Nichole Miller, Global Ambassador Programs
  • Lolita Monroe, Montebello Health
  • Caroline Spencer, Participate Learning
  • Mairi Nunag Tanedo, Teacher, Albuquerque Teacher Federation
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