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Who Should Endorse the Code?

Any organization that does not engage directly in the recruitment of foreign-educated health professionals, but would like to show their support for the principles and standards set forth in the Code should consider becoming an Endorser. This includes, but is not limited to, Unions, Foreign Health Professional Associations, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Endorsers are not subject to monitoring by the Alliance. If at any time an organization decides that it no longer wants to endorse the Code, their name will be removed from this website.

Occassionally, organizations cannot endorse the Code because of their own governance structure or because they have been mandated by the Federal government. We invite these organizations to submit a formal letter of support to the Alliance.

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If you have signing authority for your organization, and would like to join a range of organizations who share your commitment to the principles and standards set forth in the code, then please feel free to add your organization to the endorsement list.

Endorsement Form: Voluntary Code of Ethical Conduct for the Recruitment of Foreign-Educated Health Professionals

This Code sets forth practical standards and guidelines for fair and transparent recruitment.

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