The Alliance Code

The Alliance’s Health Care Code for Ethical International Recruitment and Employment Practices (Code) lays out best practices for ethical, fair, and transparent international recruitment. The Alliance is committed to updating the Code regularly in order to best protect the rights of immigrant health care workers and to reflect current best practices in the international recruitment landscape.

If you are a nurse or other health professional educated outside of the United States, the Alliance Code is a great resource to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as an immigrant health care worker. To see a list of recruiters who comply with our Code, see our page on Certified Ethical Recruiters.

If you represent a recruitment firm that hires foreign-educated health professionals (FEHPs) for work in the United States, the Alliance Code establishes best practices for your recruitment process—practices that aim to provide protections and benefits for all parties involved. After reviewing our Code, please see our Certification page to learn about the certification process and the benefits of being an Alliance Certified Ethical Recruiter.