Certified Ethical Recruiters

The Alliance provides a list of Certified Ethical Recruiters (CERs) as a resource for employers and foreign-educated health professionals looking to work with reputable recruitment organizations. CERs have established that they are in compliance with the standards set forth in the Code by completing our rigorous application process and have submitted their recruitment practices to additional oversight by the Alliance. Certified Ethical Recruiters are signified by the Alliance Certification Seal.

This list includes the name of the firm and the year in which they became a Certified Ethical Recruiter.

Alliance Certification Candidates

Alliance Certification Candidates are new recruitment firms that have completed their application review and are awaiting the required one-year commitment to the Code for final review. These recruitment firms are not currently Certified by the Alliance. Certification Candidates are signified by the Certification Candidate Seal. If you have any questions or concerns about a Certification Candidate, please contact the Alliance at staff@cgfnsalliance.org.

Talent Angels – 2023

Karma Services is not a Certified Ethical Recruiter and is using the Alliance Certification Seal without authorization.