One Call Staffing Receives Certification

The Alliance is excited to announce its newest Certified Subscriber: One Call Staffing. They are currently one of only four companies around the world who have received certification thus far.

One Call Staffing is a nurse owned and managed firm in New York specializing in the placement of RNs, nurse managers, and clinical nurse specialists nationally. Angelique Barniak, President and CEO, stated “we are committed to providing our nurses a clinical work environment that empowers continued professional growth, while fostering a sense of “community”, by placing groups of nurses within the same neighborhoods. This philosophy promotes a sense of community because children attend school together; families worship together, shop together and help one another as well as the “new comer”, allowing for a much easier and faster acculturation process.”

By receiving Certified Subscriber status, One Call Staffing has set itself apart by committing to the principals set forth in the Voluntary Code of Ethical Conduct for the Recruitment of Foreign-Educated Health Professionals to the United States (Code). These principals relate to three areas: 1) the rights of foreign-educated health professionals, 2) the health care needs of less developed nations, and 3) ensuring that foreign health personnel are equipped to provide high quality and culturally competent care in the U.S.

One Call Staffing has also agreed to comply with minimum standards, strive to achieve best practices, and fully cooperate with the Alliance’s monitoring and remediation process by having all internationally recruited health personnel surveyed by the Alliance.

Three additional companies are in different stages of the Subscriber application process. The Alliance plans to continue its pilot phase through May 2012.