The Alliance Announces its First Governing Board as a Division of CGFNS International, Inc.

Philadelphia, PA, September 9, 2015

Contact:, 215-243-5825

The Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices is pleased to announce its new Governing Board. The Alliance Governing Board held its inaugural meeting as an independent division of CGFNS International, Inc., in July, and discussed plans to update its Code governing the recruitment of foreign-educated health professionals and strengthen its compliance processes over the coming months.

The Governing Board Includes:

  • Joe Cabral – Co-chair, CGFNS Board of Trustees
  • Edythe (Dede) McClatchy Pahl – Co-chair, CGFNS Board of Trustees
  • Corazon Batista – International Healthcare Corporation
  • James Buchan – Queen Margaret University
  • Marcia Faller – O’Grady Peyton International
  • Sara Gabriel – National Association of Indian Nurses of America
  • Leticia Hermosa – Philippine Nurses Association of America
  • Shannon Lederer – AFL-CIO
  • Elissa Passiment – American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science
  • Cheryl Peterson – American Nurses Association
  • Michele Sacco – The Joint Commission
  • Karen Scipio Skinner – National Council of State Boards of Nursing
  • Dan Suarez – National Association of Hispanic Nurses
  • Jonathan Ward – Jackson Healthcare
  • Mukul Bakhshi – Director, Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices
  • Franklin Shaffer – Chief Executive Officer, CGFNS International Inc.

The Alliance Governing Board includes representatives from the major stakeholders involved in the recruitment of foreign-educated health professionals, including unions, professional organizations, hospital employers, staffing and recruitment agencies. Governing board members were selected from their leadership, expertise, and national influence on foreign ethical recruitment practices. They each hold a term through early 2016, which will be renewed as bylaws for the new Alliance are codified.

More on CGFNS International, Inc.

Since 1977, CGFNS International, Inc., based in Philadelphia, PA, is an immigration-neutral, non-profit organization. It has served the global community of health professionals through its programs and services that verify and promote knowledge-based practice competencies. It is the only organization named in the federal statute to administer visa screening of foreign-educated nurses and other professionals in seven health care fields.

For further information, please contact:

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