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The Alliance for Ethical Recruitment Practices (Alliance) is a non-profit organization who works to ensure that all foreign-educated professionals are recruited in a fair, ethical, and transparent manner for employment in the U.S. The Alliance has developed voluntary Codes of conduct to govern recruitment through a multi-stakeholder, collaborative process representing groups from across the relevant sector.

On September 18, 2017, the Alliance launched the new Health Care Code for Ethical International Recruitment and Employment Practices. Click here to learn more.

Since 2014, the Alliance is an independent division of CGFNS International Inc., an internationally recognized authority on credentials evaluation and verification pertaining to the education, registration and licensure of nurses and health care professionals across the world. Our organization is immigration-neutral but respects the individual’s right to migrate and recognizes that since migration is occurring, it should be as ethical as possible.

3 Strategic Programs

  • Awareness: The Alliance educates the general public about recruitment, diversity, and standards for basic migrants’ rights. Individuals can report noncompliance with the resources found on this website.
  • Adoption: The creation of the Health Care Code and Teachers’ Codes encourage employers, recruitment and staffing agencies to comply by a voluntary code of best practices that promote fairness in hiring foreign-educated professionals.